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With Remote Deposit (Merchant Check Capture), Indus American Bank brings you a faster, easier, and more secure way to deposit the checks your business receives, all without leaving your office or store.


By simply scanning both sides of the checks in a
single pass, the dollar amounts are automatically read
by your PC, totaling the deposit. Just click
�submit deposit� and the funds are instantly deposited
into your account through a secure internet connection.

Indus American Bank Remote Deposit offers these
great benefits:
  • Faster funds availability.
  • Deposit checks 24/7.
  • Save time preparing deposits.
  • Eliminate courier service or trips to the bank.
  • Streamline your cash flow.
  • Consolidate deposits from multiple locations.
  • Reduce the risk of check fraud or theft.

Indus American Bank�s Remote Deposit is
convenient and easy to use. We supply the necessary
state-of-the-art desktop scanner and accompanying software for your PC. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:
  • Scan checks from any desktop.
  • Prepare the deposit.
  • Electronically send the deposit to your Indus American account.

Remote Deposit Agreement Terms & Conditions

To find out additional information, Call any Branch for details.

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